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Iszard Home Represents A Part Of Glassboro's Past
The Joseph Iszard property at 124 State Street was built in 1855 by Joseph Iszard, who was one of the most amazing men to ever have lived in the borough. This home is built on the most historic piece of land in Glassboro. It is the plot of ground on which the original Stanger Glassworks stood; the glass house was just north of this home.  The original Glassworks store and attached dwelling house, adjacent to this property at State and West Sts. was purchased by Joseph Iszard in 1827. It is interesting to mention that just prior to Joseph Iszard's purchase of this original factory lot, the old furnaces were still there. During this period of the 1850's, Glassboro was experiencing the building of most of its beautiful old homes by its successful citizens. It is these homes that have withstood the ravages of time and, as you can see today, Joseph Iszard's old home is as beautiful as ever. The old cast iron decorations around and on top of the porch were installed at the time of construction, having been made here in Glassboro at the Carnell Iron Foundry.
Joseph Iszard was born in 1798 and started his adult life as a school teacher. But the confinement of a classroom could never hold the boundless energies of this most active man. His later success as a real estate operator was fantastic, his ownership of a saw mill and timber enterprises, his career as a Judge is almost as notable and during most of his lifetime, with all of his other activities, he owned and managed a general store. At the death of Joseph Iszard in 1865, his son, Dr. Jacob Iszard, became the resident of this home. Dr. Jacob Iszard remained there conducting his medical practice during his lifetime and when he died in 1900, his son, Dr. Howard Iszard, became the resident until his death in 1934.
(Excerpt taken from "Glassboro Landmarks", a series written by Edward H. Walton Jr.)